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The Compression of Time is a series of photographs marking the evolution of daily preoccupations and thus asks us to reflect on the passing of time. Having been heavily influenced by the writing of Susan Sontag at the outset of her journey Penny Rundle has frequently returned to the notion of the photograph as memento mori.

The combination of images and the disrupted surface invite us to reflect on the process of making as much as the image being made. The pieces are a reminder of darkroom alchemy.
The magic of the instant when from nothing an image emerges and we finally see the moment we have collected.

As a multi-disciplinary artist Penny Rundle’s return to photography for this series has allowed her to indulge in the paradoxical urge to preserve and order experience. The images drawn from past, present and future clash, merge and persistently prompt viewers to ‘testify to time’s relentless melt’.