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My paintings explore expressive visual language informed by observations of the natural and urban environment. Ideas are developed through painting, utilising the material properties and characteristics of paint as part of the process.

My recent work has been concerned with painting layers of flowing expressive marks, similar to written letter forms which create a sense of history and interaction between layers. I’m interested in how the process generates natural shapes and creates a condition where there is competition for space.


Decisions have to be made about what to keep and how to work with shapes and created structures. I compare this process to real world examples such as urban graffiti, particularly with reference to the composition of graffiti tags in relation to buildings and other graffiti. Ad-hoc improvisations in the urban environment with unusual uses of materials and the anomalies and interaction between the application of other systems in the city such as the application of road markings.

I believe that considering these processes and their contexts create an understanding which can be expressed and experimented with in painting, creating a familiar visual language.