Jana Solfronk

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3D Artist and Ceramist, currently studying at the University of Brighton, on an MA Craft Course. 

"My main interest and work is ceramics so far, I have tried to portray my own identity in my past work, but I am pursuing a career as an artist and maker further and exploring new avenues of creativity, materials and approach. My research practice is mostly visual,  photography, drawing and model making.


I have many multidisciplinary skills in various materials like metal, wood, polymers and ceramics. My main interest at the moment is concentrating on practicing and gaining new, more precise skills and practising my writing methods. The current project, that I am researching I have called Assent of The Modern Hero, about the portraying and translation of my ideas about the contemporary take on body adornment/jewellery for men.


My work is representative, using symbolism, repetition, and portraiture to make amplified and echoing pieces to show my ideas in my work. I like to support my work with narrative to give it yet another dimension. I want my work to be virile, potent, noble, provoking, strapping and bold just like the modern day hero would be. I will be showing some of my past work and work in progress as well as some new inspiring pieces.


My main inspiring words are:

Repetition, obsession, mixed media, narrative, context, connections, virile, translations, reflections, ripples , layers, symbols, echoes, amplified, scale, representation, define, artefacts, heroic, story/narrative."