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Adele’s watercolour works combine her love of being in the landscape, the aesthetic quality of paint and materials and her love of experimentation. Her work exploits the natural processes of freezing, melting and the movement of the tide, referencing current environmental issues.   


She uses pure mineral watercolour pigments together with frost, glacial meltwater and the sea. Her paintings are an investigation into the quality of paint and surface together with things which lie below the surface - thoughts, emotions and the unconscious processes of the mind.

Adele sees her work as situated at the juncture between art and science. Her work has allusions to the geological epoch of the Anthropocene, in that she is investigating natural as well as human forces; participating in a discourse between control and letting go in the process of making art.  


She is considering the dialogue and tensions between art as the intentional creation of a human mind; the unconscious processes of creativity when in a state of flow and the chance happenings when materials are allowed to move across a surface in a way governed by natural physical processes. She is interested in chaos, systems, patterns and in making visible, the invisible forces of nature.

Adele has worked professionally as an artist since 2011 and has sold to collectors throughout the UK, Europe and United States.  She completed an MA in Fine Art at the University of Brighton in September 2017. She originally trained as a scientist and uses her scientific background in her experiments with materials and surfaces.  


Adele was awarded a place on the Arctic Circle residency in June 2018 travelling to the high Arctic region. The experience of witnessing the profound changes happening there, informs and inspires her work.  She is currently represented by Kevis House gallery in Petworth.